[rescue] B&W G3 + IBM Model M == Heaven

Isaac isaac at pobox.com
Mon Jul 26 13:21:13 CDT 2004

I love my Models M, particularly my Model M13 Trackpoint II keyboards -
black, buckling spring keyswitches, a pointing device in the home row,
and no winkeys. If only they had a third mouse button... (I tend to use
them with a USB wheelmouse anyhow - the trackpoint mainly gets used to
change focus to an arbitrary window)

I only wish I could get my girlfriend to accept using a Model M on our
mac at home, but she got offended when I plugged in an IBM-branded usb
wheelmouse to replace the "no-button" lozenge - I ended up having to
order one of these to placate her delicate aesthetic sensbilities:


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