[rescue] More Indigo Problems

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Sun Jul 25 03:10:22 CDT 2004

> I have a Indigo2 that won't power up. At first, it wouldn't ever come
> on, so I replaced the power supply. Now, it comes on with a green led,
> makes no chime, then changes to an orange LED. Did I get a wrong power
> supply? Does anyone know what causes this problem?
> Thanks!
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Did you put a teal power supply in an impact machine? The impact series
indigo^2 systems have an additional connector that provides power to the
riser card for the video boards.

You could probably run a teal power supply in a purple Indigo^2 as long as
you didn't go above Extreme graphics.... (some teals are impact capable
from what I was told).

Do you get anything from serial port #1?

(Anyone ever notice the standard Indigos would crap out a "AC power lost"
before the power in the caps would run out, when you yank out the power
cord? Is that ingenious or what? Does it manage to fire off a syslog
message on the network as well?)

Kudos to SGI on that one.

Anyone wanna buy a 8 R10k Challenge XL?

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