[rescue] Looking for AT&T 3B2 items

SP spedraja at ono.com
Tue Jul 20 09:04:47 CDT 2004

Hello. Summer is here in Spain, and I could finally obtain one AT&T 3B2/400
from Austria, with 4MB of memory, 72 MB of HD, one ST/60 tape unit, and five
dumb terminals. It has AT&T Unix 3.0 installed, and the seller provided me
with the 3.1 version too, plus a bunch of ten red manuals. All appears to
work correctly, with some problems detected, the most important the absence
of the C compiler ;-)

Now, my interest is about any other item of interest for this system. I
should like to know if someone know of some place where obtain boards and
complements for this system. I am searching in essence one SCSI board and
one Ethernet or Starlan boards. Rs232 cables are welcome, even when exists
one place in the Internet where explain how compose one of these cables. The
location of backup cartridges for the ST/60 would be great too. Another
hardware question is the possible expansion of the memory from 4Mb to more

There are too a good bunch of manuals and software additions for this system
(if the documentation roadmap isn't liying) and all would be welcome, but I
am interested mostly in the Development Kit (C compiler and so) if available
or existent.

I'm waiting for another 400 system actually. This will came with software
burned in one CD. Someone has experience managing AT&T floppies from one PC
(for example) to one AT&T and viceversa ?

Oh, this other system make me think in a couple of all the hardware items I
told in the previous part of this message.

Have a good day everybody. Thanks.


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