[rescue] PowerMac 9500/180MP Issues

pdowler paprslip at gwu.edu
Sat Jul 17 14:44:18 CDT 2004

Hi All,

Picked this machine up for free yesterday and it seems to be fighting 
me a little.  According to the person I got it from it had been sitting 
in a closet for several years.  When I first turned it on, the drives 
spun up, no chime, no video.  Remembering a pervious thread here I 
figured the battery might be dead (checking it on a meter later proved 
it was indeed very dead).  Purchased a new battery and installed it.  
Now, when I go to turn it on, the supply flicks on for less than a 
second and then off again.  I tried poking the CUDA reset switch.  
Still, it exhibits the same behavior.

Has anyone ever encountered this?  Can this thing be saved or is it 
destined to become a big doorstop?


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