[rescue] w00t!

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Fri Jul 16 09:41:08 CDT 2004

Steven Hill wrote:

>>>> It's just like the dot-bomb auctions a few years ago.  Once upon a 
>>>> time, they were a good place to make a few good deals and get some 
>>>> gear for cheap.  Then the unwashed masses found out.
>>> Yeah, I blame the Statesman and local news for "pumping" the last 
>>> couple of big local dot-bomb auctions.  I still don't have an Aeron 
>>> chair, due to people who go to auctions and bid things up to retail.
> The auctions in Austin were like that when I was there - people 
> bidding higher than retail on cisco gear - with me and a few others 
> shouting "List price!" from the back of the room. Ridiculous.

That is because CISCO sends out people to auctions to bid on their shit 
so the prices on the market will not drop. I was at a auction once that 
had plenty of cisco hardware and there was one group in particular that 
bid the prices up like crap. After the auction I asked one of the guys 
what he is doing with the stuff. His answer was: "I don't even know what 
the stuff does I bid on, they just told me to".

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