[rescue] w00t!

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Fri Jul 16 09:37:20 CDT 2004

>>> It's just like the dot-bomb auctions a few years ago.  Once upon a 
>>> time, they were a good place to make a few good deals and get some 
>>> gear for cheap.  Then the unwashed masses found out.
>> Yeah, I blame the Statesman and local news for "pumping" the last 
>> couple of big local dot-bomb auctions.  I still don't have an Aeron 
>> chair, due to people who go to auctions and bid things up to retail.

The auctions in Austin were like that when I was there - people bidding 
higher than retail on cisco gear - with me and a few others shouting 
"List price!" from the back of the room. Ridiculous.

Also interesting kit being broken down by the auctioneers for profit.
A Tandem Himalaya system went, drives were removed and auctioned 
separately. Probably was a working system when it was acquired by the 
auction firm too. Bastards.

> I blame stupidity. Gave up on those aaron chairs. :-(.
> I now focus a bit more on .gov auctions. It seems like not everybody wants to 
> bid on .gov stuff. Maybe there should be an rescue auction list with online 
> auctions for rescuers? Or was there one be4 like this?

Yeah, I never managed to get one either - the professional furniture 
acquiring people were always there.

Never been to a .gov auction before.

I might try to get to a .uk gov or polic auction - they sound 

Steven Hill

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