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Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Fri Jul 16 09:09:19 CDT 2004

Mike Parson wrote:

>On Fri, Jul 16, 2004 at 09:32:35AM -0400, Kevin wrote:
>>Why the hell are people bidding on this?
>Never underestimate the power and depths of human stupidity.
>It's just like the dot-bomb auctions a few years ago.  Once upon a
>time, they were a good place to make a few good deals and get some gear
>for cheap.  Then the unwashed masses found out.  The Deja.com auction
>was the last one that I got anything decent out of (two boxes of hard
>drives, $75 each, turned out to be ~20 random Seagate SCSI drives,
>2-9 gigs, most still under warranty, resold them for $10/gig, made a
>killing).  But, after about 5:30 pm, the others showed up.  People that
>hadn't been to the inspection the day before. p75 laptops with 16 megs
>of RAM and 300 meg HDs went in excess of $500.  This was when PII and
>PIII laptops were the standards.  $150 ink-jet printers went for $300.
>There was also tons of Cisco gear there, lots of 24 port Cats, small
>routers, etc.  A friend of mine wanted one, but there was a Cisco
>reseller there who insisted on winning them all.  He asked her if she'd
>let him win just one, but she refused.  So, he kept counter-bidding till
>they were almost retail.
>Other people just didn't understand that bidding process.  There was a
>lot of ~10 Microsoft Natural Keyboards, bidding was for the whole lot,
>but you were pricing 1.  A guy bid ~$75 and won. I bet he thought he was
>getting the stack for that, not 10x that.
>I went to one more auction after that, and it was even worse, left after
>about two hours.  I was hoping things would get better in a few years,
>but with places like ebay, why risk selling your stuff for cheap at a
>real auction when you can flip it on ebay and have morons en-masse run
>up the bids.
>Maybe I'm just bitter. =)

It is kinda like this here too with a local .com liquidator I go to it's 
auctions whenever I have time. The guys themselfe are scumbags. So it 
happens I bid on something and when I went to pick it up half the stuff 
was missing from the pallett. Turned out that the workers stole it or 
so. Still waiting on the refund.

Then there are the people who bid massive amounts on stuff not worth it, 
then later at pickup time they complain that the cd drive is missing in 
the laptop and refuse to take it. That's why you inspect stuff right? 
:-) Well I am not the best when it comes to inspecting stuff but oh well 
I wont drive up the price on stuff I didnt inspect be4.

-- Thomas

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