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Okay, that got seriously munged. Another try...

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Dear NYSA members:

I will be taking a new job in a couple weeks and have a few things I  
need to take care of before then.  I thought some of you might be  
interested before I throw them both to the open market.  Feel free to  
forward this to anyone you know who might be interested.

Two parts - skip to part two if you're not interested in cheap stuff.
1. getting rid of some equipment and technical books
2. a possible consulting opportunity

---- Part 1 ----
Item #1: I'm giving up a personal office and moving to cubicle world.   
So I have some personal equipment and books to get rid of.  I thought  
I'd offer them here before I eBay them.  Make a half-way reasonable  
offer and I'll probably take it.  available for pick-up in the Village  
from 9am to 6 or 7pm during the week.  Available till July 23rd, then  
they go on eBay.

HP Vizualize B180L + HP-UX 11i Operating Environment Install CDs.   
Missing the VGA dongle adapter and external SCSI terminator (easily and  
cheaply replaced).  I'll let this one go for a song, just get it out of  

Sun Blade 100 - 500Mhz, 640MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, USB kb & mouse.   
I will include Solaris 8 with all manuals and bonus software CDs with  
this.  I also would prefer to sell the dual-input 18.1" flat panel Sun  
monitor that came bundled with it.   
With the screen, it would go on eBay for a bit over $1000.  Without  
probably in the $300-$500 range.

A SMC 24-port Unmanaged 100Mb Ethernet switch (with rackmount  
brackets).  $30

4-port PS2/Serial Belkin KVM with rackmount brackets.  $30

2 4U rackmount cases with power supplies.  $50 They are empty

As for books- I no longer need or have to get rid of the following  
list.  I have them all listed on Half.com, but will sell them fairly  
cheap to whoever can cart them away.  The more you take, the cheaper  
I'll sell them.  Most of them are in very good to almost new condition.  
Only a few have any highlighting, underlining, or dog-ears.

"Mastering Regular Expressions" (O'Reilly)
"Managing NFS & NIS" (O'Reilly)
"Learning Cocoa" (O'Reilly)
"Checkpoint NG" (Syngress)
"Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris 8" (Sun)
"Just Java 2" (Sun)
"Learning Carbon" (O'Reilly)
"Practical Unix & Internet Security, 3rd Ed" by Garfinkel & Spafford  
"Solaris 8 Security" (New Riders)
"CCSA Exam Cram"
"Real World Linux Security" by Bob Toxen
"Essential Check Poing Firewall-1"
"Hack Proofing Your Network"
"Unix Administration" by Bozidar Levi
"Solaris 8 Essential Reference" (New Riders)
"Network Intrusion Detection, 2nd ed" by Stephen Northcutt (New Riders)
"Unix Network Programming, vol 1 & 2" by Richard Stevens
"Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language" (Wrox)
"Mac OS X in A Nutshell" (O'Reilly)
"Apache: The Definitive Guide" (O'Reilly)
"Access Database Design and Programming" (O'Reilly)
"MySQL Cookbook" (O'Reilly)

--- Part 2 ---

Ok, now for the part most of you are probably interested in.  I  
recently took on a new project at work that will need some significant  
hand-holding after I leave.   It is somewhat distinct from my main job,  
so they aren't expecting my replacement to necessarily be appropriate  
for this project.  They (being a new cross-disciplinary brain research  
center at NYU) basically will need someone on a part-time contract  
basis who knows the following:
Red Hat Linux and OS X Server
LDAP, Kerberos, Mailman, MySQL, Postfix
Fibre Channel
IP Network design (e.g. be able to handle atypical subnet masks in your  
Router ACLs and basic stateful firewalling
Able to design and maintain high-capacity backup systems
A basic understanding of distributed/grid computing

No rate has been mentioned, but i expect it will be very competitive.   
If interested and qualified, please send me your resume and I will pass  
it on to the decision makers.

Thanks and take care,


Luke Boyett <luke at cns.nyu.edu>
NYU Center for Neural Science

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