[rescue] Available: RS/6000 & PS/2 parts

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sun Jul 11 13:03:09 CDT 2004

I'm moving soon, and need to get rid of some things.  Everything is 
priced to move. ;)

I've got a set of 4x 64MB ram boards for an RS/6000 7012-3xx or 7013-5xx 
series machine, they came out of a 580.  $5 + shipping for the lot

The next lot of stuff came out of a PS/2 model 80:

1) 2x 92F0669 memory cards (1M or 2M, daughter board for model 80)
2) Token Ring card with DE9S connector, 16bit MCA, 25F7540
3) 32bit MCA memory expansion card (EMS?) with 4 SIMMs of unknown size
4) XGA card with 4 socketed ZIP memory chips (8 total)
5) 32bit MCA SCSI card, with internal cable, 15F6561

I'd like $5 + shipping for that as well.

Next, 2x1.44MB PS/2-style floppy drives, with cover plates. $5 + 
shipping total for both.

Finally, two AMD LabPro PLD programmers.  Handles a bunch of older 
PALs/GALs, but I've got no documentation or software for them.  I've 
heard that PALASM (the DOS program) works with them; PALASM is freely 
downloadable from somewhere, I don't remember where, but google found 
it before.  $5 + shipping for both.

That's all for now, I may post more stuff in the next few days as I sort 
through and move things.

I'll randomly pick someone if more than one person wants one lot.  I 
really don't want to split up lots, as that means I've got more boxes 
to ship.  Anything not claimed gets trashed Tuesday evening.  Don't 
bother asking on/after Wednesday, 7/15/04, as it'll be gone.

Shipping will be from 47906.  If you're going to be at VCF East, I can 
bring the stuff to you there, as I'll be going.

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