[rescue] Fwd: IBM RT 6151/130 for free, pick up in San Francisco

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Tue Jul 6 05:55:44 CDT 2004

Someone please pick this up in San Francisco!

I'll take it for shipping if you get it and don't want it, but don't  
let it hit the crusher! :)

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> From: Jason Thorpe <thorpej at wasabisystems.com>
> Date: July 4, 2004 4:24:11 PM CDT
> To: tech-ports at netbsd.org
> Subject: IBM RT 6151/130 for free, pick up in San Francisco
> Folks...
> I have an IBM RT 6151/130 available for free, if you pick it up in San  
> Francisco.  It has a nice color display, a nice IBM Selectric-type  
> keyboard, a mouse, an ESDI hard disk, external cartridge tape drive,  
> Ethernet controller, and has AIX 2 installed.  It ran the last time I  
> turned it on, about 5 years ago.
> I also have some IBM technical manuals for it.
> I got the system ~10 years ago, and intended to port NetBSD to it at  
> one time.  But that never happened, and is not likely to (yes,  
> Christos, I will give you a full refund :-).  Anyone who is interested  
> in porting NetBSD to this system, I may have some additional technical  
> information I can provide that could help you with the project.
> As much as I hate to part with it, the machine is just taking up space  
> in my garage, and it needs to go so that I can proceed with a home  
> improvement project.
> If you're interested, you need to make arrangements to pick it up from  
> my house in San Francisco.  I will not ship it; it's a heavy,  
> built-like-a-tank desktop system, just like grandma^WIBM used to make.
> There is a deadline -- if you want it, you must arrange to pick it up  
> on or before July 17[*], otherwise it goes to the crusher to have the  
> steel, lead, tin, and gold reclaimed.
> [*] I may be willing to extend this deadline under certain  
> circumstances.  If you are interested in the machine, contact me and  
> we can discuss.
>         -- Jason R. Thorpe <thorpej at wasabisystems.com>
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