[rescue] WTB: Two Intel eepro100 PCI NICs

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Fri Jan 30 14:53:43 CST 2004

Patrick Finnegan wrote:

>>BTW if anyone has about 10 of these 10/100 PCI nics that they want to
>>sell for under $5 apiece, please contact me off list.  They work in
>>Linux/*BSD quite well and not total pieces of crap like the RealTek
>Maybe it's just the ones we've got here, but that's definately not true 
>in my experience.  All of the compaq Deskpros we use as cluster nodes 
>have eepro100 cards in them, and while they seem to work ok in the 
>Compaq machines, they occasionally work for upwards of 10 mintues if 
>put in a different machine.  Perhaps it's because they're Compaq OEM'd, 
>but I'd rather have a 3Com, DEC Tulip-based, or NatSemi-chipset NIC 
I am not having any problems at all with eepro. I run half of the 
machines with eepro and the rest
with 3com xl's. And then there are a few dec ones but the eepro's here 
work just as great as
the 3com xl's.

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