[rescue] FS: G3 Powerbook (Pismo)

Peter Wargo pwargo at basenji.com
Thu Jan 29 22:24:32 CST 2004

Well, now that I've restored the second "toilet seat" iBook [0], I've 
decided to sell off our 2000 Firewire G3 Powerbook (Pismo).

Here are the specs:

-512M RAM
-10G HD
-14.1" screen
-24x CD (it came with a DVD, but like oh so many other Pismo DVD's, it 
broke.  I replaced it with a 24x CD just a week ago.  But, it can do 
DVD's if you swap in the right drive.)
-Power Adaptor.

It's in good cosmetic shape - normal light wear, and light keyboard 
"scuffs" on the screen that you can only see when it's off.  All the 
ports work, and the battery still holds a decent charge.  (It's been 
plugged in for the better part of 6 months, being used as a bedside 
alarm clock!)

Price is $500 + shipping.  Based on what I've seen on eBay, this is a 
fair price, plus you know it's been treated well.  It'll come with an 
"eval" of OS X loaded.


[0] I picked it up from $FORMER_EMPLOYER, where it had been badly 
mistreated by an employee.  I was rather pissed, as this was my laptop 
when I was there, and I really liked it.  It's an original (3G drive) 
tangerine iBook.  I just finished replacing the horribly mangled CD 

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