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Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Thu Jan 29 12:07:08 CST 2004

Peter Corlett wrote:

> Nadine Miller <vraptor at promessage.com> wrote:
> [...]
>>Personally, I think diet Mt. Dew is the only diet soda that tastes like
>>the real thing. YMMV. I generally drink diet colas, 'cause they are easier
>>to find on sale, and diet Mt. Dew is like real Mt. Dew....*liquid candy*.
> Am I weird in that I actually *prefer* the taste of artificial sweeteners
> over sugar in pop? Sugary drinks makes my tongue feel sticky afterwards and
> usually fail to hit the spot as a result.

Finally in the US we are getting some sodas with sucralose (aka
splenda) rather than aspartame (aka nutrasweet).  Splenda tastes
just like sugar, but without the "mouth feel", and can be used
in baking, unlike nutrasweet.

The downside is that splenda is made from sugar, so many diabetics
react to it in the same way as they do to sugar itself.

Of course, since my mother-in-law lives in Canada, I get her to
send me cyclamates, which taste better than aspartame, saccharin,
and acesulfame-K.  And, if we go by "Sangamon's Law"[0], then we
should stick with cyclamate, since it's the simplest molecule [1].


[0] Neil Stephenson, _Zodiac_
[1] <http://www.ul.ie/~childsp/CinA/Issue50/sweet.html>

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