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Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Thu Jan 29 11:13:16 CST 2004

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Peter Corlett wrote:
> Bzzt. It should be served at *cellar temperature*, which is about 14-160C,

A brewpub near me tried that several years ago.  Phantom Canyon opened
with much fanfare and much to my delight slightly before microbrews
became popular in the US.  Their beers were wonderfully crafted onsite
and served not only at cellar temperature, but hand-pumped up from the
cellar.  The latter two characteristics lasted about a week.  Americans
don't generally like their beer that warm and bartenders don't need
their biceps to be THAT big.

> As you note, room-temperature doesn't really hit the spot. But neither does
> frozen beer, which seems to be typical with American beer and a disturbingly
> increasing trend in the UK. If it's very cold, you can't taste it, so what's
> the point in drinking it?

I'm the same way about ice cream.  It should be just around melting.

> You've just never seen decent bitter, I suspect. Sturgeon's Law applies in
> spades in the drinks industry.

Mmm, bitter.

It's hard to find in the US, or maybe just the places I look.


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