[rescue] OT: Coffee in .uk

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Thu Jan 29 10:01:56 CST 2004

Phil Stracchino <alaric at caerllewys.net> wrote:
> Ah, just like English bitter. :) Which has not only an intended serving
> temperature range (room temperature), but an intended serving location.

Bzzt. It should be served at *cellar temperature*, which is about 14-160C,

As you note, room-temperature doesn't really hit the spot. But neither does
frozen beer, which seems to be typical with American beer and a disturbingly
increasing trend in the UK. If it's very cold, you can't taste it, so what's
the point in drinking it?

Find a better pub by consulting the CAMRA Good Beer Guide (#12.99) or
visiting one of the pubs suggested and picking up the local CAMRA newsletter

> (My preferred serving location for the stuff is "as far away from me as
> possible.")

You've just never seen decent bitter, I suspect. Sturgeon's Law applies in
spades in the drinks industry.

I'm looking forward to a nice pint of Old Peculier in one of Bradford's
finer pubs (if you ignore the dodgy area and just consider the beer, anyway)
this evening.

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