[rescue] Re: SunHELP News: New server coming soon

Devin L. Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Wed Jan 28 20:12:40 CST 2004

Bill Bradford wrote:

> BTW, if anybody has a first-gen iBook available, let me know.. I have no
> laptop of any kind whatsoever.. 8-)

Oh for the love of clitmice.  I can't believe I just shot that empty 
reply out.

Anyway, Bill, what I was *going* to say is that if you would like to 
have at least some laptop, I've got a Sparcbook 3GX I'm trying to find a 
good home for.  It's only got a 1.2GB hard drive and 32MB of RAM, but 
I've got the Tadpole Solaris 7 media for it, and I'm sure you can 
scrounge upgrades for disk and memory.  It's also got the SCSI floppy 
drive and a couple of other cables.

The reason I'm posting this instead of going privately is that even if 
Bill isn't interested in it, I'm still looking to find a home for it, 
and at this point I don't have a set $$ figure in mind.  Drop me an 
email proposing a trade or a dollar amount (Paypal is easiest, though I 
can't take Paypal from a credit card).

While I'm at it, I still have an Auspex 5500NS looking to find a home.

Devin L. Ganger <devin at thecabal.org>
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