[rescue] Re: SunHELP News: New server coming soon

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jan 28 16:39:09 CST 2004

Lionel Said:

"Why did you choose iBook over Powerbook? I'm considering one or the
other, and while the iBook has cost savings, I am foolishly concerned

 - only supporting 640 Meg of RAM vs. over 1 Gig on Powerbook

 - lack of Bluetooth in iBook (for wireless mouse/keyboards)

 - lack of direct support for dual monitor display (though easily

 - (and the biggie for me) no support for Superdrive, only CD or
   Combo drive"

FWIW the iBook G4 and the 12" Powerbook actually share the same 
motherboard. You can use 1024MB modules on the iBook without a problem.

Bluetooth support can be easily added with a USB dongle.

Dual monitor support can be quickly hacked in via the open firmware.

A superdrive can be retro-fitted (though installation is a reasonably long 
procedure as opening the iBook isn't simple). I forget which drive you need, 
but people are selling them as OEM parts on Ebay.



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