[rescue] Re: SunHELP News: New server coming soon

Robert Rose rescue at mylighthouse.net
Wed Jan 28 15:44:20 CST 2004

>> PS. Second email from my new iBook G4, this thing is awesome!
> Why did you choose iBook over Powerbook? I'm considering one or the
> other, and while the iBook has cost savings, I am foolishly concerned
> about:
>  - only supporting 640 Meg of RAM vs. over 1 Gig on Powerbook
Not a huge issue for what I use the thing for, email, surfing, xterms, 
and the like, but I did jam it with 640Mb anyway.  I should probably 
get the video camera hooked up and play with the movie stuff, but 
that's not real important for me.

>  - lack of Bluetooth in iBook (for wireless mouse/keyboards)
Can be ordered, or use a USB adaptor.  Not a big deal 'cos I use a 
laptop as a portable around the house machine, ie. so I'm not stuck in 
the study and being unsociable.  Mine didn't come with, it was display 
stock and I wasn't fussed, but did get to check the thing for dead 

>  - lack of direct support for dual monitor display (though easily
>    hackable)
Again, no biggie for what I use it for.

>  - (and the biggie for me) no support for Superdrive, only CD or
>    Combo drive
I don't need portable DVD burning, I could buy a firewire attach burner 
if required, or buy one for a windoze box if really needed.

Really it came down to $$$, 802.11b reception (supposedly not as good 
in the powerbooks), and if I could live with a slightly slower CPU, and 
without features I seldom make use of.


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