[rescue] OT: Coffee in .uk

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Wed Jan 28 15:02:45 CST 2004

Kevin wrote:
> I drink a gallon jug a day of spring or purified water.  You'd be
> surprised how fast you get used to it, and actually addicted to it.
>  A large portion of the US population stay dehydrated to some
> extent.  You'd be surprised the difference it makes.

Yep.  I diddn't realize how lousy I felt all the time
until I switched from drinking soda to water throughout
the day.  Not only does caffiene cause you to shed water,
but the regular sugar spikes cause your kidneys to start
flushing sugar out of your blood.  That takes enormous
ammounts of water.

A week or two after completely eliminating soda consumption,
I felt that "well oiled machine" feeling I had when I was
18 playing sports (which coincidentially required you to
consume copious ammounts of water).  Eating snack foods
with at least 2:1 ratio of total carbs to sugars also
helps.  The complex carbs break down more slowly for
a smoother energy curve.  Plus, solid snacks register
better than "liquid candy" so you tend to consume less.
Plus, many times when you feel hungry you are actually
just thirsty for water.

Now if I have a Coke, I feel sick.  But that's probably due
to the incredibly low pH that I'm not used to anymore.

On the feeling sick note, I noticed that fast food
goes down much easier with water for some reason.
I can even have a greasy Big Mac with absolutley
no stomach/intestinal discomfort, and it tastes better.
Try that with a Soft Drink!


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