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Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 07:16:59 CST 2004

--- Robert Rose <rescue at mylighthouse.net> wrote:

> PS. Second email from my new iBook G4, this thing is awesome!

Why did you choose iBook over Powerbook? I'm considering one or the
other, and while the iBook has cost savings, I am foolishly concerned

 - only supporting 640 Meg of RAM vs. over 1 Gig on Powerbook

 - lack of Bluetooth in iBook (for wireless mouse/keyboards)

 - lack of direct support for dual monitor display (though easily

 - (and the biggie for me) no support for Superdrive, only CD or
   Combo drive

Of course, screen choices play into it, I've mainly been looking at 12"
screen units, and the iBook does come in a unique 14" model, compared
with the Powerbooks 15 and 17" screens...


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