[rescue] fx a large drive under IRIX 6.5

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Jan 27 14:12:09 CST 2004

Saith Patrick Giagnocavo ...
> I think you need to
> a) determine whether the drive has been formatted to an odd sector
> size, like maybe 520 bytes instead of 512

What's a good method for doing that?

Also, fx seems to get 10% of the way into the disk before hitting block
4161792 and crapping out ... or am I misreading something?  If it's getting
that far, can the sector size change mid-disk?

> b) tell fx or another program to do a badblock scan and perhaps a
> low-level format as well.  You should be able to do this on a PC, if
> you have one lying around, so you could do 2 or more drives in tandem,
> since it may take a few hours.

I've got fx doing that on one of the disks, but either it's hung or it
doesn't give progress reports.

I can scrap-up a PC to format the drives, and I have a known-good Adaptec
controler, too.  Building a PC would be only slightly more of a PITA than
dealing with the Challenge sleds....

I'm open to other ideas, too.


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