[rescue] OK, who needs a DEC SF200

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Sun Jan 25 15:08:54 CST 2004

Hi All,

I checked out the SF200 this morning. I was pulled out of service in working 
condition. I contains three (3) of the "cannisters" RF72's?/ that contain 4 
DSSI disks each. I believe the each disk had a 1.2-2GB for a total capacity of 
14-24GB. It looked like all the cabling was complete i n the back. It also 
contained a power conditioning unit.

Someone has already looked into the shipping for this, and it appears it will 
cost about $300 to ship it back east from Tuscon, Az.
If I can get the unit for "real cheap" I get it, and keep it for someone who 
might want to trade some stuff for it.


Tom Ponsford

Tom Ponsford wrote:
> It's a beast, but unfortunatly no Vax to go with it :-(  Still if you 
> want lots o'  DSSI storage?
> It will probably go "really cheap", unless one of the usual bidders 
> already has a buyer for it.
> I'll see it first-hand on Monday and will know what is really in it. It 
> goes to auction on Tuesday.
> pictures:
> http://w3.arizona.edu/~pacs/surplus/public/sale/P0127047.jpg
> http://w3.arizona.edu/~pacs/surplus/public/sale/P0127042.jpg
> Tom
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