[rescue] Updating Ultra 1 OBP turned into dead Ultra 1

Todd Killingsworth tkilling at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 25 22:27:42 CST 2004

Hi All -

The good news this weekend:  I got a free Sun Ultra 1 170E as a hand-me-down
from my wife's employer.

The bad news:  I downloaded the latest OBP from Sun, set the files into
place, powered down the box, moved the jumper J2003 over to 2-3 for write
enable, put the cover on and powered up.

But the box never comes up.  No video, no "OK".

Keyboard lights flash 3 times, looks like it clears Sun's POST but I've not
been able to successfully set up a tip to the U1.  CD-ROM makes a few
noises - maybe a little from the drives - but the CPU fan never comes on.
Before I tried this, the machine installed Solaris 9 fine - and it was quite
noisy when everything spun up.

I've done this successfully on my SS10 and E3000.  Any ideas on what to do

Todd Killingsworth

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