[rescue] WTB: Octane Dual-CPU module

Caleb Shay caleb at webninja.com
Sun Jan 25 10:08:33 CST 2004

Looking for a dual-cpu module for one of my Octanes.  Doesn't really 
matter what speed, even R10K-195 is fine.  Willing to pay a reasonable 
price or trade.  I've got a ton of random SGI parts, mostly Octane 
(case/backplane/skins/etc, single R10k-195 cpu, some RAM, SI video 
cards), Indys (including an Indy Video card (but no Cosmo Compress), and 
the Cosmo Audio card (like Cosmo Compress for audio, but I've never 
found drivers for it)), and Challange S, and lots of Indy/ChallengeS 
RAM, complete R3K Indigo with Elan graphics, needs new clock battery.  
Also have a Sparc Classic and an external Sun drive case.  Also have an 
older RS/6000 workstation, which may or may not work, since I don't have 
a monitor for it and Idon't know anything about RS/6000 machines, but 
would be happy to answer any questions I can or snap photos of things.

Caleb Shay
caleb at webninja.com

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