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> On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 09:32:21PM +0200, Geoffrey S. Mendelson
> wrote:
> > BTW, my younger sons (5 and 8) have PDD and ADD, and are in schools
> > that teach them to fit in without giving up and joining the masses.
> > They even eqngourage their being "different" and teach them how to
> > make something good from it. The schools are free, provided by the
> > city.
> Israel scores again ....

Well, and let's not forget the larger average bra size thing either!

Seriously, many school districts have good programs for those in need
(becuse they *have* to, no doubt), the issue many seem to have is the
over-aggressive attempts by some to lower the barriers for diagnosis to
include too many children, to secure funding for "class assistants" and
other such programs.

The push is on in my school district to "classify" students, to enable
the district to get additional funding from the state/federal
government... What can really mess up the school budget is when a
profoundly challenged student moves into the district mid-year, the
district needs to cover the expense of the special classes/etc, but can
not accomodate it in their annual budget (since it has already been

It is a challenge, not a problem, and a litte more thought on the
problem by those in charge will, I'm sure, result in an "emergency"
mechanisim to ease budget pressures from such issues...


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