[rescue] Re: U5 pci nics

Derek Warren lists at derek.trideja.com
Thu Jan 22 02:30:56 CST 2004

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Jonathan Patschke wrote:

>  Those drivers only ship with Solaris 9/x86.  That's what "IA" means in
>  the availability sections of the man pages.

I'm still a relative newbie here, but I'd like to try and offer some 
help.. :)  I was trying to cram a 3Com 3C905X NIC into my Ultra 5 
last year only to learn that it wasn't possible to get thins going 
without drivers.  Some quick digging around revealed that Performance 
Technologies, Inc. (PTI) distributed a PTI-badged 3Com card with 
Solaris/SPARC drivers--great!  The catch was that you had to 

Now, it seems that this ridiculously-priced card-and-driver package 
has been EOLed.. and guess what? You can now get that very same 
driver free of charge:


Boy was I happy when I found that out earlier this month!  I've been 
running ipfilter on my U5 with a 3Com NIC very happily for a few 


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