[rescue] FS: 3 * 512 MB Sun Ultra Memory

Carl-Johan Schenstrom cjs at bluebox.pp.se
Wed Jan 21 18:21:00 CST 2004

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Mark G. Thomas wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 06:05:05PM +0100, Carl-Johan Schenstrom wrote:
> > I recently bought a U60 with 2 GB RAM. While obviously quite nice, that is
> > way more RAM than I need. Therefore, I'm selling three sets of 512 MB each
> > (that's two X7004A:s in each set, i.e. four modules of 128 MB per set).
> > These modules are suitable for use in U1/2/30/60/80 and
> > E220R/250/420R/450. I'm asking $150 per set or $400 for all three,
> > shipping from Sweden included (4-6 days according to the post office). I
> > accept Paypal and the prices are in USD.
> >
> > Contact me off-list if interested.
> I believe the 128MB modules will not work in a U80 or 420R, just FYI.

According to SunSolve they don't, but
<http://www.sunstuff.org/hardware/memory/> says otherwise. It's been too
long since I worked with a 420R for me to decide whether this is a
Tested-by-Sun vs. real-world case or if they're actually incompatible with
the U80/420R. Anyone with first-hand experience care to explain?

In the meantime, scratch the U80/420R from the list of supported systems,
and also the U1, since it's not listed at


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