[rescue] SunPCI II Interface Speed

Dan Williams dan_williams at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 21 16:35:53 CST 2004

sammy ominsky wrote:

> On ipe 21, 2004, at 22:02, Kevin wrote:
>> Hit the "Windows Key" + Break Key, the "System Properties" control
> Hmmm, no "windows" key on my PowerBook, thank god.
> ---sambo
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Never have I, but ctrl+escape is the windows key. But it doesn't work 
for this. I don't know for windows 2000, either right click on my 
computer and select properties, or control panel and select system is 
the same. I haven't used windows under the pci II but I have a 233 mhz 
pentium II, running windows XP with 96mb of memory, it is slow. I used 
tune up utilities 2003 and it can turn off  a lot of stuff to speed the 
system up. The only reason I use it is for updating my phone and as a 
print server for a usb only printer which I can print to using samba.. 
Depending on what you want it for, if it's only for a couple of programs 
and not for long periods of time windows 98 is quicker on slower 
machines (once it was setup the machine was on for around 6 months 
without rebooting), but the mobile driver only runs under 2000/xp. So I 
has to up(down)grade. It does run a lot slower now and needs rebooting 
more often.


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