[rescue] U5 pci nics

davev venabledavid at qwest.net
Tue Jan 20 18:57:31 CST 2004

After goggling around quite a bit I have not found the driver to load
for a 3c905 or a Intel 10/100 card in Solaris 9 in my u5. I seems that I
have seen here that it works ok. What driver(s) do I plumb? Is there a
howto out there?

I also have a qfe sbus in a SS20, after plumbing it, and using ifconfig
to add an addy, mask, and bc, no ping! No joy! I installed it via the
steps outlined in the Sun.docs, hosts file, <hosename>.qfe0 file ect.
Shows up and tests fine in the openboot diag. Ideas?

I want to build a firewall, what is the list recommendation for ease of
use and configuration?



''Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your 
eyes off your goal.'' - Henry Ford

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