[rescue] Cluesticks (was Mounting and Dumping)

Nick nick at snowman.net
Tue Jan 20 15:32:42 CST 2004

My problem is what we are doing now seems to be alot of holding the
average and above folks back so the below average folks can keep up.  This
seems like a bad idea.. Let me rephrase that, it would be the stupidest
idea I'd ever heard if I'd never heard politicans or suits talk.  I don't
claim to know the solution, that's the hard part.  Most folks seem
unwilling to see what's going to happen in the next few decades as these
badly educated folks flood the markets.  I'm not looking forward to those

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 04:16:21PM -0500, Nick wrote:
> > I really hate to be an asshole about this, but how much of the "Greater
> > good" should we sacrifice for the individual?  How much are we bringing
> Shut up, worker ant!  You'll make the grasshoppers cry.
> --P
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