[rescue] Elite3D Question

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Tue Jan 20 10:39:28 CST 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004 22:03:16 -0500
"Stephen Sukovich" <ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com> wrote:

> I don't know what wrong with the netbsd people... why
> cant they put tab completion in their default shell to start off
> with...
I, for my part, think it is sick to use bash as /bin/sh like linux does.
That /bin/sh on NetBSD doesn't do "tab" has a reason: bloat prevention.
You may consider /bin/sh more then a script interpreter, then an
interactive shell. If you need tab completion on NetBSD, install bash or
tcsh use the csh or ksh that comes with NetBSD. I think the default
config of ksh was recently changed to support tab out of the box. On 1.6
you need
bind ^I=complete
to get the NetBSD ksh "bash compatible".

> arrrgggg oh yah and getting the up and down keys to work properly
> without me taking a crowbar to it.
set -E


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