[rescue] Cluesticks (was Mounting and Dumping)

R. Lonstein ross-sunhelp at lonsteins.com
Mon Jan 19 22:54:04 CST 2004

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 01:47:23PM -0500, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> Finally, some clueless suit-bitch asks "How long would it
> take you to implement this fix?"
> I said, "In less time than we've spent on this conference
> call. 4 months ago when I first saw the problem, I could
> have done it in 15 minutes."

Sounds familiar. At a former employer four or five of us including our
very clueful VP were gathered with variously titled people from
another area to project plan a similar one-off data remediation
problem. Their estimate came to six calendar months, possibly
extending another two or three. Before anyone could clear the look of
disbelief from their face one of our programmers looked up and
remarked that he had already fixed in the distributed world with a
Perl script written during yesterday's lunch and cobbled together
something in JCL that morning to fix it on the mainframe. We pushed
away from the table and figured that was it. Nope, I heard later that
they did three months of work on that "project" before being

- Ross

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