[rescue] Cluesticks (was Mounting and Dumping)

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Mon Jan 19 16:46:35 CST 2004

On Jan 19, 2004, at 4:39 PM, Dave McGuire wrote:

>   Well...in the context of cars, I've found that, for most people, 
> "sensible" means "boring".
>   There is absolutely nothing wrong (or not "sensible") with having a 
> decent car.

Seconded.  My Durango was boring.  Sensible, I'm sure, but boring.  The 
GT Cruiser is much more fun - and more sensible given the increased 
fuel mileage and huge amount of go-fast parts.  :)

Kurt Huhn
kurt at k-huhn.com

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