[rescue] Elite3D Question

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon Jan 19 14:48:51 CST 2004

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 03:21:25PM -0500, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> Does the m6 handle textures OK?
> I hate how in the Sun and SGI world it seems like you must pick between
> 2D, 3D solid, or 3D textured.  You can't have all three with a lot of
> cards.
> In the PC world, building card that only does one of those well would be
> market suicide.

That wasn't the case though when the whole impact graphics system was
introduced though.  It wasn't that long ago that in PC graphics, one had
to choose between fast 2D or fast 3D, and if they chose 3D, texturing
was a significantly more expensive option.  Just look at some of the mid
90s Intergraph stuff.  Until Intergraph went to the wildcats, I believe
all their stuff was like that, and the same for most other high end
graphics makers.  When did the Wildcat's come out?  1998?  Did the first
generation of wildcats offer integrated texturing, or did we have to
wait for the Wildcat 4000s of that?  Isn't that just a year or so before
the Vpro graphics came out from SGI?  I believe that was about the same
time that the Quadros came out (since the TNTs and regular Geforce lack
important features).

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