[rescue] A productive weekend...

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Mon Jan 19 13:33:41 CST 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Joshua Boyd wrote:

> Sounds like you guys have some nice toys.  Are you going to look into
> driving the wall with the Onyx?  On the RE2 unixs, it would have been
> easy enough to do using the MCO option.  I know there must be something
> similar for IR, but I'm unfamiliar with what it would be exactly.

We only hope to get bigger and better toys. We're (well mostly Matt - but
he's suffering in classes at the moment) currently driving all the
machines with dmx [1]. It acts as a "quasi super X server" that overlays a
bunch of clients running their regular X servers. It's nice in that any
existing X application runs unmodified on it, but it has some strange
openGL limitations & the networking backend has to have a good chunk of
bandwidth, which I at least fear may kill us with the Onyx. The
possibility of acquiring a 2nd Onyx with RE2 does exist. We're also
currently stuck with some lousy graphics cards in the PeeCees that run the
displays, but hope to get around that soon too.

[1] http://dmx.sourceforge.net

Thanks for those links. They look like some good reading.


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