[rescue] SGI rackmount computer case.... what SGI ?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Jan 17 19:35:40 CST 2004


I'm looking to throw togehter a rackmount system (for home) on the
cheap.... and ran into this on ebay....

What SGI system used these cases ?

While the seller says "most" atx boards will fit in this, I can't tell
if it really looks quite atx (mainboard opening in rear looks a bit
longer and a bit less tall than standard atx openings ???

Do the bays in this require some sort of rails ?

Alternately, anyone out there got a cheap 3,4, or 5 U case that
either takes an ATX board, or has a PICMG passive backplane
installed (with PCI slots) ?????


-- Curt

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