[rescue] Elite3D Question

Janet L. Campbell janet at foonly.com
Fri Jan 16 11:04:37 CST 2004

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Eric Dittman wrote:

> My Elite3D is definitely dead.  I need to replace it but I can't
> remember if the Elite3D or Creator3D is better (my memory says
> Elite3D).  If the Elite3D is better, is there any real advantage
> to the M6 over the M3?

The Creator3D supports higher resolutions, the Elite3D tops out at 
1280x1024.  The Elite seems to be a bit faster at 2D operations, and is 
much faster for OpenGL (until you start using textures, anyways, it's 
really designed as a CAD card).  The m6 has twice as many geometry engines 
as the m3 and correspondingly higher OpenGL performance for the 
appropriate operations.


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