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Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Thu Jan 15 13:14:35 CST 2004

As i recall it did, but it took up the majority of that class. 

Everything those things did seemed to take at least an hour.  My
buddy and i used to swap QIC tapes as a method of trading files (back
in 1992 Zip and Jaz drives were unheard of, SyQuest and Bernoulli
were too small and CDR was not within the common man's reach.)  I
recall, in one instance, what took him ~1 hour to backup to tape took
me ~7 hours to pull off.  I had always attributed that to the fact
that we had different drives (he was QIC40 mine was QIC80), but was
never 100% sure of the cause.


On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 13:37:19 -0500
"Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at cmhcsys.com> wrote:

> Saith Kevin ...
> > I remember the graphics school i went to had ~20 workstations
> > (486DX33) each with an internal Tracker tape drive.  On the first
> > day of class we were each given a tape and told to format it. 
> > The noise of 20 QIC40 drives formatting tapes at once was a sound
> > i'll never forget :)
> Did it finish formatting the tapes before the end of class?  IIRC,
> the"Colorado Jumbo 250" drives I had took about 2 hours to format a
> tape.
> Another interesting facet of the Backup Conundrum is the
> reliability of the backup media, or lack of it....
> -Shel
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