[rescue] Danger Color Sidekick -or- Nokia 3300 ?

Jonathan Sadler sadler at homesys.org
Wed Jan 14 17:39:30 CST 2004

I too was looking hard at the Sidekick when I came across information on the
HTC Himalaya.  (For those unaware, HTC makes the iPAQ for Compaq)

This platform is the follow-on to the HTC Wallaby (also known as the
O2 XDA, QTek 1010, Siemens SX56, T-mobile MDA/pocket pc).  It is a
tri-band GSM phone running Mobile 2003 on an 400mhz Intel X-Scale processor.
It includes a 240x320 16-bit TFT LCD, GPRS, bluetooth, IrDA, an SDIO slot,
and camera (640x480).

With the optional backback, you can add a compact flash slot, VGA (up to
1024x768) and TV (640x480) outputs.

What makes this device rock?  The SDIO and CF slots both support 802.11b
adapters!  Not only can I surf the web a blazingly fast speeds, but I
could use it as SIP phone while at home, at work, etc. and lower my cell
phone minutes requirements. :^)  Likewise, I'm not limited in the apps I
load onto it -- any Mobile 2003 OS app works!

Now if only T-mo would release this puppy in the US...


Jonathan Sadler

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