[rescue] Danger Color Sidekick -or- Nokia 3300 ?

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Jan 14 16:50:32 CST 2004

Brooke Gravitt wrote:

>>AT&T wants a pile of money for their GPRS data plans.

It's unlikely you would need unlimited unless you are
using it for your computer as well.  I have some data
usage guesstimate numbers somewhere, but I'll have to
dig them out.

> In conclusion: Wireless sucks. I can't get the phone I want, with the
> features I want, on the network I want.

Yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it.

> Is it too much to ask to get a BlueTooth phone, with unlimited Internet,
> and a reasonable amount of minutes? The folks at AT&T won't sell me more
> family minutes than 1600. I asked if I could pay extra for more minutes.
> Nope!

Not true.  You can get an unlimited plan with multiple lines.
I know this for a fact because the husband-unit is in
discussions with a client for unlimited minutes with 3 phones.
The CSR's are blowing smoke trying to get you to buy two
plans (AT&T commissions are flat $'s per plan sold + a credit
for the phone sold).

> I can't use the Nokia 3300 on T-Mobile, only Cingular & AT&T. The N-Gage
> is ONLY available with an 80-minutes per month plan, and ONLY on AT&T.
> WHY? I would gladly PAY to have 1600 minutes, and even SIGN A CONRACT to
> get that phone. They just won't take my money.

N-Gage. Yuck.  You have to take the battery out to switch game
cards. WTF?  And what's with Nokia re-inventing the phone
dialing interface at every turn?

> Feh. Maybe I don't need a cell phone at all. LAst year, I tried to get a
> reasonable plan with Sprint's CF2031 compact flash voice/data card. NO ONE
> would sell me a voice plan with it.

I don't know what to tell you.  It is 100% who you talk to.  Try the
independents that carry more than one service--they aren't so
constrained by the commissions/sales pushes of individual providers
the way the sales droids are at company stores.

I can get the info on AT&T's unlimited if you like.  Heck, I can
probably even sell you the plan. (Our contracts are still active,
even though the shop is closed. :-)


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