[rescue] Danger Color Sidekick -or- Nokia 3300 ?

Brooke Gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Wed Jan 14 16:15:00 CST 2004

> I got it on ebay.  It should work on any GSM network as long as you have
> a SIM for that network and put in the correct GPRS APN info.  I use it
> on Tmobile because I get unlimited GPRS data for $20/month, but the
> phone actually has an AT&T logo silkscreened on it.  I had to
> get T-mobile to switch my account profile from sidekick to "T-zones" and
> wish now I had told them it was a Sonyericsson T610 since they
> officially support that phone.  I initially opened my GPRS outage ticket
> under my account and their first response was that they don't support
> the P800.  The next couple of calls started out the same way, so I made
> all my subsequent calls under my wife's account. (sidekick)

OK, so in theory (or in reality, since you've done it) I can get a freebie
phone with T-Mobile, get the unlimited T-zones plan added, and then work
on buying a P800. Once I get it, I pop the SIM card into the P800 and just

> Sing it!  I would have bought a Nokia Communicator and never needed a
> laptop if it did GPRS.  It has a keyboard, a large screen, tons
> of apps, and even supports VPN and Citrix (*gag*) for work, but all the
> data has to be done in CSD (dialup) mode which is slow and uses my voice
> minutes.

The communicator looks so nice- I'm really bummed that it doesn't go GPRS.

> I really love the P800.  Same OS as the Communicator (symbian) and
> really the only thing I miss is the keyboard.  If SonyEricsson
> updates the Ericsson chatboard to work with it (over IR or even better
> bluetooth) it will be perfect.

Ericsson Chatboard?

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