[rescue] Danger Color Sidekick -or- Nokia 3300 ?

Brooke Gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Wed Jan 14 13:55:52 CST 2004

 Nadine Miller wrote:
> It has a web browser, phone, AIM client, Address book (not
> syncable with your computer, though the MissingSync people
> claim to have one "in the works"--I'm not holding my breath),
> games, downloadable apps/ringtones (all T-Mo approved, right
> now, that means 4 apps of which ssh is one), can receive
> SMS messages, and has a POP email client.

That's the list of features that really make me look at this thing. It
looks like it does it all.

> There are no commercial apps available that are user installable
> AFAIK.  All apps have to be approved by T-Mo and are over-the-
> air installed.  Color may have more features, mine is B&W.

I see. And I assume that the data is stored on Danger's servers, etc.

> What feature of the Blackberry equates to "pager"--do you mean
> actual GPRS paging service?  If that's what you want, no there
> is no such animal as far as I am aware for the SK.

Hmmm. Yeah, I carry a BlackBerry as my pager (text), so I was hoping I
could cancel the service and just use the SideKick.

> I like T-Mo--been very happy with it for the most part.  But all
> the damned delays from Danger on software, OS updates, etc.
> suck canal water.  I have a couple of other choice phrases
> to apply, but you get my drift.
> =Nadine=

Now I've found the Nokia 9290 on LetsTalk.com. It looks like a winner,
using symbian as the OS and has a full-sized keyboard. Pretty neat! Maybe
I'll get it. Have to figure out what they have in terms of unlimited
internet for it, though. I might even be able to sync it with the

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