[rescue] Danger Color Sidekick -or- Nokia 3300 ?

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Jan 14 10:04:38 CST 2004

Todd C. Miller wrote:

> I like my Sidekick a lot (I have the original).  For me ssh is the
> killer app--I use my SK a heck of lot more now that it can do ssh.
> That said, you probably want to see how T-Mobile's coverage is in
> your area.  In some spots it is not so hot and AT&T doesn't seem
> to want to play the nice GSM/GPRS sharing game.

ssh on the sidekick is nice, no doubt about that.
You might also look at the Sony-Ericcson P800 or

However, I heard recently from my uber-geek friend
that AT&T has a *very* nice data plan for using your
phone as a modem for your laptop.  It's called "Edge".
He claims (and he's not one to exaggerate) that it
does at least 2x phone modem speed.  He basically
does not use the built-in modem on his laptop anymore.

It appears to be some sort of beefed up GPRS.

AT&T will definitely get you better coverage if you
travel a lot.

Now, there's a flip side--AT&T will probably cost you
more, and their customer service is not that good.  I
like T-Mo customer service better than any of the others
I've dealt with (AT&T, Cingular, Nextel).

As an aside, if anyone is interested, I have info on a
company that was at MacWorld that provides drivers and
support for cell phones as modems on Macs when the phone
manufacturer does not provide this.


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