[rescue] Danger Color Sidekick -or- Nokia 3300 ?

brooke brooke at gravitt.org
Tue Jan 13 22:55:42 CST 2004

Ok, my warranty replacement for my year-old Toshiba 2032SP turned out 
to be a Handspring Treo 300 (for some reaason, Sprint was out of refurb 
2032s). DOA out of the box. So, a second Treo 300 was dispatched, which 
I promptly dropped and broke yesterday.

I'm SOL, as I'm not under contract any more with Sprint, but they want 
me to re-up with a 2-year agreement (on both my wife's and my own 
phone) in order to get a decent deal on a new phone. No thanks. I'll 
probably go with t-mobile or AT&T.

So, I'm looking at 2 phones:

Danger Color Sidekick @ t-mobile


Nokia 3300 @ AT&T wireless

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?  I know there was a pretty decent 
discussion on the sidekick recently, but I wasn't really paying 
attention (and with the archives down, I couldn't look.)

I value you people's opinions more than anyone else on these sorta 
subjects, so what say you?

Ido & Curt, your stuff was sent FedEx Monday. Let me know when it gets 
there, and that it made it OK.


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