[rescue] FS: AlphaServer 4100, Quad 533, 4G ram

Peter Porter peter at thinkingclearly.com
Tue Jan 13 22:49:53 CST 2004

Due to the size of my current residence, I have nowhere to run my AS4100 
satisfying the a) quiet enough for me to work and b) enough airflow to 
keep the box cool conditions.  It's a decent spec even by current 
standards.  I've experimented with NetBSD, Linux, and OpenVMS -- it's 
been running RedHat happily for the last two or three months.  The 
specifications are as follows:

    * Alpha Server 4100 box, rackmount
    * 4 x 533MHz, 4M cache processors
    * 4 GB of ram (8 x 512M boards)
    * 3 x PSU, 2 required for 4 CPU configuration, third acts as failover
    * Qlogic ISP1020a
    * 2 x DE500 10/100 Ethernet cards
    * Number Nine video
    * Diff. SCSI Raid (Intel i960 based, A09-KCPSAPS)
    * Serial controller looking board (XILINX XC4010E and Lattice ispLSI 
1048 chips)
    * CDROM
    * Floppy

I've seen systems sell for $600 to $1500 on Ebay somewhat similar, all 
with much less than 4G of RAM.  It's a great box, if you have a basement 
(or a server room that you don't spend copious amounts of time in as an 
office also ;).  She's not quiet!

I am located in Annapolis, MD (21403), about half an hour northish of 
Washington D.C.  I'd prefer pickup, as this thing is all sorts of heavy; 
shipping would be possible, but keep the weight and cost in mind.

I also have the following SCSI enclosures that may be useful:
    * HP AutoRaid 12h (12 SE drive with dual raid controllers built in, 
HVD external interface to host)
    * HP 8 drive SE array (raw drives)
    * 12 x 1" 4G drives in HP cases, 2 x 1.5" 4G drives in HP cases

Let me know if you're interested, and make me a fair offer.  I'd prefer 
to sell it to someone on-list before putting it up on Ebay.  Put the 
machine to good use!


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