[rescue] Re: How did you spend YOUR weekend?

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Tue Jan 13 19:20:20 CST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004 13:11:38 +1300
Gavin Hubbard wrote:

> Kurt said:
> "Spent most of it behind power tools making pipes.  I also re-watched
> Fellowship of The Ring.  And, technically, I didn't do it this
> weekend, but on Friday I ordered up a G5 DP 2Ghz.  *humpa* *humpa*"
> Do you have price protection for your order? Most analysts are 
> predicting a speed bump for the Apple G5 workstations sometime in the 
> next four weeks or so (with chips fabbed on IBMs new 90nm process). 

Naw, I got it as a refurb from Smalldog for $800 less than a new one.  I
am *so* not complaining.  :)

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