[rescue] SparcStation 370 and 470 for Free (Northern Virginia)

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Tue Jan 13 15:59:17 CST 2004

J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:
> These two machines are sitting at the corner of Lee Highway and Hartland Road in Fairfax, VA.  Both seem to have one system board, and one seems to have a framebuffer, and possibly a VME diagnostic board.
> I know no info about them, a friend found them sitting there and told me.
> I have no idea if anyone here might be interested.
> Thanks!

Thanks!  I picked up the 4/470 and the cpu board for the 4/370 which was
laying on top.  I also grabbed the scsi sun3-scsi2 cable from the 4/370.

The 4/470 had a 3rd parte memory card, and a p4 framebuffer, probably
cg6.  It also had a sun3 scsi with external connector, and sun3-sun3
scsi cable.

The 4/370 only has a power supply and cg3 card now.  I should have taken
the faceplate.  Maybe I'll go back later for that.


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