[rescue] Power question...

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Tue Jan 13 08:33:34 CST 2004

>I make my living with my computers, and other than my house, TV, and
>truck, my dual-G4 Mac is the most valuable thing I own.  Couple hundred
>bucks here and there for guaranteed protection is cheap compared with
>having to come up with $2K for a new computer..

A close friend lost most of his ham shack and a bunch of consumer
electronics in a direct lightning strike to his tower.  He had replacement
cost insurance on all his gear, so he got brand new stuff.  Quite a nice
little upgrade.  Might be worth a call to your insurance agent.

Another friend was in the repair business years ago.  Most of the smoked
VCRs he worked on had been struck, but through the CATV connection, not
through the ac power input.  Something else to consider...


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