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Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Jan 13 00:27:54 CST 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 23:56, Dan Sikorski wrote:
> Bill Bradford wrote:
> >Speaking of power - anybody had experience with the "Brickwall" 
> >surge supressors?  http://www.brickwall.com.  I'm considering buying
> >a couple; one for the computer room and one to put between my 51" TV
> >and the wall..
> >  
> >
> I have one of these on my home theater equipment:
> http://www.rotel.com/products/specs/rlc900.htm
> I'd highly reccomend one.  The coolest thing about it is that it has two 
> power cables.  One plugs into the wall, and provides all of the actual 
> power, and the other controls weather everything is turned on or not.  
> In my case, i have the main power line plugged into the wall, and the 
> control line plugged into the switched power output of my reciever.  The 
> reciever is plugged into the always on output of the rlc-9000.  So, when 
> i turn on the reciever, it turns on power to everything else, and when i 
> turn the reciever off, it turns everything else off.

Sounds like something DEC had years ago.  I have two square power
boxes (they aren't strips).  There is one white outlet and four or
six black outlets (can't recall the actual #).  The white outlet is
the control outlet.... power that on, and all the black outlets turn
on.  Quite handy.

A friend of mine who used to work at DEC gave them to me (as I recall).

I haven't seen any others since, but would grab them should I ever
see them again... quite usefull.

-- Curt

>     -Dan Sikorski
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