[rescue] Mac OS X .... Install .... WTF ?!

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Jan 12 20:24:17 CST 2004

OK... so I'm trying to install Mac OS X 10.3 for the first time.

This is on an iMac DV SE 500MHZ.

Since I didn't want to mess with the existing hd, I dropped in a
6G generic Seagate I had kicking around....

Booted 10.3 from the CD, got to the point asking the volume to
install on... no volumes listed.

Went to the Disk Utility, partitioned it up as one partition,
go back to the installer... voila... I have a volume !

BUT.... (there is always a but), it has a big red exclamation point
and says I can not install or boot Mac OS X from that disk.

OK... what gives ?  What am I missing ?

Does Apple only allow you to install onto disks with Apple 
firmware (harken back to the days of old Macs) ?  Please say
this isn't so.

Really wanted to get this going, but I'm at a complete and utter

Hopefully someone can enlighten me.

(Oh, it would be so helpfull if the installer would say WHY I 
can't install or boot from that disk !)

-- Curt

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